A Leading Professional Recruitment Firm in Japan


KOTORA is the talent strategy and organizational advisory firm that focuses on professional talent within Japan.
We deliver services through four divisions:

KOTORA Executive Search helps your company attract the best executive talents in Japan with the right fit.

KOTORA Recruiting Experts help your company recruit specialists. We are especially strong in the financial, IT and consulting sectors in Japan.

KOTORA 25 develops professional talent with an assesment tool for valuing work values. We help evaluate workers so you can achieve business success.

KOTORA Pro is a service in which we introduce independent contractors with special skill sets based on projects.

Who we are


KOTORA Exective Search and Recruiting Experts

KOTORA has a number of unique strengths that define us as one of the leading recruitment firms. We are especiallly strong in financial, IT and the consulting sector in Japan.

Professional consultants

Every consultant at KOTORA has former work experience in a certain industry he or she is currently in charge of. This enables our consultants to be very familiar with the status of industries and offer tailored advice to both employers and candidates.
>> Team KOTORA

One Team Approach

Our "one team" approach and work collaboration among consultants enable us to provide diversified and dynamic solutions.

Team reward system

KOTORA's consultants are encouraged to work as a team instead of competing against one another for commissions. Our reward structure is team driven. KOTORA teams are evaluated and rewarded for establishing a long and trusted relationship with clients and candidates.

KOTORA25 - assessment for values

KOTORA25 is a self-assessment tool which asks you to rate your personal value of work behaviors and consciousness.
Assessing your personal values can help you understand what areas in a job are important to you, and assist in finding your strengths as well as your weaknesses. Realizing your personal values can help you learn more about your underlying work consciously and can help you enhance your effectiveness and performance in a job. Also, by using KOTORA25 as a team, it can help the team understand how to relate to one another and find the best fit role. For example, if a member in a team values details, then this member needs assistance in seeing the "conceptual big picture". On the other hand, others might be talented in setting overall goals but lack in detail. As a team, leaders can achieve better job-role assignments if they know mutual strengths and weaknesses amongst each other. Moreover, by co-operating the best talents in areas where members can extend their strengths, this team will become more successful and team effectiveness will be reinforced.


Value of KOTORA Exective Search and Recruiting Experts

Qualified Candidates

KOTORA have continuous contacts with high profile candidates with special skill-sets and always have an updated candidates database. This enables us to swiftly provide quality services, consultations and solutions to our clients and respond to all our clients’ needs.

Longer-term perspective

KOTORA's long term commitments to clients and candidates bring higher customer satisfaction, resulting in long-term contribution to our clients' success.

Sector Coverage

KOTORA's clients comprise 900+ financial institutions, 400+ general corporations, and 200+ consulting firms. It ranges from small companies to some of world-class prestigious financial institutions and corporations.

Financial Sector

  • Investment Banks
  • Commercial Banks
  • Securities Firms
  • Private Equities
  • Real Estate Investment Funds
  • Alternative Funds
  • Venture Capitals
  • Asset Management
  • Financial Advisory Services
  • Life Insurance
  • Nonlife Insurance
  • Rating Agencies

Consulting / General Corporations

  • Information Technology
  • Consulting Firms
    • - Strategic Planning & Management
    • - Financial Advisory
    • - Operation
    • - Human Resources
    • - Business Revitalization
  • Electronics
  • Chemicals
  • Telecommunications
  • Pharmaceuticals & Medical Products
  • Healthcare Systems & Services
  • Consumer Products
  • Retail
  • Trading company

30,000+ Promising Candidates

KOTORA's candidates' database havev constantly increased in the last decade. We have 30,000+ promising candidates with full disclosure of their CVs. Many have professional qualifications in Japanese and English. Around 500 new candidates are registered every month.

What we do

KOTORA is a one-stop solution company for overall organizational management. Our main services are 1. Executive Search 2. Recruiting Experts 3. Assessment (KOTORA25)

1. Executive Search

At KOTORA, we strive to place the best talents with the perfect fit for our client companies. Our goal is to assist companies to find the best talents so that they can achieve success. We have a deep understanding of each industry as all of our highly qualified consultants are from the industry and have the latest information. We evaluate the candidates in our daily updated database, and search for talents with the attributes your company needs at the right place and timing. We gather feedback and manage candidate expectations in ambition to find the perfect match.

2. Recruiting Experts

We are not simply an exeuctive search company but also dig deeper so that we can be your trusted advisor by specializing in finding the best possible candidates for our clients. We place candidates in permanent, temporary, and contract positions world wide in various sectors such as finanacial, consulting, and IT. Our firm can manage scheduling with the candidates and assist in providing your organization the best possible talent.

3.Assessment (KOTORA25)

As your trusted advisor, we also consult with our clients in serving to better manage their team through our self-value assessment tool, KOTORA25. We aspire to shape your team and develop your organization so that they can aid each other with their strengths and also weaknesses. When team members understand or realize each other's strengths and weaknesses, it will help foster a good climate and culture a true team spirit. As the result of the team effort, it will induce good performances and lead to success for a team or a company.